The Regional Callers' Assemblies exist to provide callers with the opportunities to improve their skills and by so doing encourage them to take up membership of the SDCCGB.

London & Home Counties (L&HCRCA)

Chairman - Kevin Lovell 01908-281-802

Treasurer - Andrew

Meeting Place - ZOOM meeting (Contact Kevin Lovell for details)

Meeting schedule: February 20, 2022 - 14:00 through 16:00

Using "Ooops" purchases... a short presentation followed by a discussion on ways to change the Opener, Break, Closer, and even the lyrics, to enable you to use those Singing Calls you wish you hadn't bought.


Followed by

Getting out of a relationship... A short presentation, followed by a discussion, on using predefined get-outs from a known relationship state. Please come with some short, memorable, and different get-outs.


South East Midland Informal Group (SEMIG)

Chairperson - Susie Kelly 01280-816-940

This Informal Group is similar to an RCA and the primary focus of the group is mutual support training and calling practice for Square Dance Callers in this area.

Be sure to contact Susie if you are interested in attending or becoming involved in this group.


Wessex Area (WARCA)

Chairman - Carol Gerry 02380-364-505

Treasurer - Peter Sykes

Secretary - (To Be Determined)

Training Coordinator - Keith Lovegrove

Meeting Place - St. Peter's Church Hall, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1EE

Please note that there are No Meetings at the current time due to high coronavirus case numbers in our area.


RCA Charter

RCA Charter (2018).pdf

The Round Dance Council is part of the SDCCGB. It is Cuer led with support from dancer membership and seeks to promote Round Dancing in the UK via educating, training, encouraging and informing just as the RCA's support Square Dance Caller education, training and promoting of Square Dancing.

Diary Coordinator- Peter Wright

Secretary - Howard Nichols 01242-572-249

Please note that there are No Meetings at the current time due to high coronavirus case numbers in our area.


Northern Area Regional Callers Assembly (NARCA)

Chairman - Gene Turner 07856-884432

Hon. Secretary - Philip Mee

Treasurer - Cliff Anderton

NARCA's First Live meeting since February 2020 (since lockdown) will include PAT testing. Contact Gene with an estimate of how many pieces you will want to have tested.

Meeting Place - Clifford Village Hall, Albion Road, Clifford, West Yorkshire LS23 6HY

Meeting schedule: Sunday, May 8, 2022 - 13:30 through 16:00 Hrs.

Gene Turner


Philip Mee

Hon. Secretary