The S.D.C.C.G.B. is an affiliate member of CALLERLAB and as such we encourage our members to visit the official website. Members of the S.D.C.C.G.B. all pledge to follow the CALLERLAB Code OF Ethics, in order to assure that we hold ourselves to profession standards at all times.

This is the CALLERLAB Dance Programs where you can download all of the latest program lists, definitions, etc.

Although not officially a program here is a Condensed Teaching Method Booklet that CALLERLAB has been experimenting with to assist callers teaching dancers in twelve sessions. Not all the moves are taught using this method however it is an interesting read and does provide a lesson plan and you may find it interesting.

Here are links for CALLERLAB program resources

Social Square Dance (SSD)                             

Basic and Mainstream Programs

Plus Program

Advanced Programs

Challenge Programs

Note: the following is Susie's Supplement to her Supplement to the CALLERLAB SSD document

Unofficial routines for SSD including Cloverleaf 

This is subversive! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK