This page is in gratitude to those who have given their service to our activity. The page contents firstly list the post holders and dates. Below that you will find a short bio on the named individuals


Kevin Lovell since 2022

Simon Fielding  2011 - 2021

Keith Lovegrave  2010

Walt Burr  2007 - 2009

Al Green  2002 - 2006

Pete Skiffins  2001

Vice President

Gene Turner since 2022

Trudy Fielding  2011 - 2021

Lynn Holloway  2010

Keith Lovegrave  2006 - 2009

Roy Stretton  2005

Barry Potter  2002 - 2004

Al Green  2001


Susie Kelly  since 2007, 2001 - 2004

Bert Spinney  2005 - 2006


David Hewitt since 2022

Kevin Lovell  2015 - 2021

Colin Haines  2004 - 2014

Dug Wright  2001 - 2003


Membership Officer 

Cliff Anderton since 2016

Trevor Day  2003 - 2015

Simon Kelly   2001

Public Relations Officer

Role Retired 2020

Stephen Pearson  2016 - 2020

Cliff Anderton  2015

Granville Spencer  2012 - 2014

Gene Turner  2010 - 2011

Dennis Thompson  2005 - 2009

John Mee  2002 - 2004

Mark Pedrick  2001

Liaison Officer

Role added 2021

Stephen Pearson   since 2021

Ordinary Member

Andrew Agathangelou since 2022

Howard Nichols  since 2018

Trevor Day  2016 - 2017

Stephen Pearson  2015

Paul Hart 2013 - 2014

Matt Baldry  2010 - 2012

Gene Turner  2005 - 2009

Ken Brown  2003 - 2004

Trevor Day  2002

Barry Potter  2001

Cuer's Representative

Suzanne Baldry  since 2023, 2018 - 2021

Judi Read  2022

Teresa Hart  2017, 2010 - 2014

Matt Baldry  2015 - 2016

Sandra Higson  2001- 2009


Gene Turner   Since 2013


Archivist added to Role 2006

Simon Kelly  since 2008

Simon & Susie Kelly  2002 - 2007

Training Director

Role Retired 2017

Paul Bristow  2002 - 2017

Pete Skiffins  2001

News & Views Editor

Susie Kelly since 2014

Gene Turner  2002 - 2013

Bert Spinney  2000 - 2001

Previous council listed in alphabetical order by surname. THANK YOU to the volunteers who have given to our activity. If you would like to see an update to a Bio, please submit to Stephen.

Matt Baldry


Cuer's Rep 2015 - 2016, Ordinary Member 2010 - 2012


Matt started Rounds after a trip to Australia in 2006. While learning he also began Square Dancing and with his wife and parents set up Whirl & Twirl Round Dance Club. Matt learned to cue/teach under the mentoring of Teresa Hart, with additional help from the GSI Cuer & SDCCGB Cuer Schools, which featured Martin Prufer. After moving on from Whirl & Twirl in 2016 Matt set up a new club near Sheffield called Matt's Twirlin' 2 Steppers.

Matt also cues at Saturday night dances/weekends and in 2012 cued at the Spring Jamboree in Munich after gaining his ECTA Cuer's Accreditation.

Paul Bristow


Training Director 2002 - 2017, Vice President 1980 - 1987, Public Relations Officer 1978 - 1979


Paul began to square dance in 1975 and very soon picked up a microphone to begin his calling career.  He first served on the callers club council in 1978 as the PRO and then as the Vice President from 1980 till 1987.

He joined Callerlab in 1983 and in 2000 he became an Accredited Caller Coach and took on the Training Director role until it was disbanded.

Ken Brown

Ordinary Member 2003 - 2004

Walt Burr


President 2007 - 2009

Trevor Day

Ordinary Member 2016 - 2017, Membership Officer 2003 - 2015

Simon Fielding


President 2011 - 2021


Simon has been calling since 1996 and calls for a number of clubs in the Home Counties area.  He has called at all levels and continues to call Mainstream through A2 on a regular basis.  He is a regular on the Saturday Night circuit together with his wife Trudy and they are also both recipients of the Harry Preston award.

He served on the GSI UK Committee from its inception in 2004 until 2017, holding the position of Joint Chairman of GSI UK alongside Trudy, from 2009.  Simon was also part of the support calling staff for the 2007, 2009 and 2014 GSI UK Festival events as well as being a featured caller in The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

He also helped organise the Joint 60th Anniversary Celebrations (BAASDC and SDCCGB) in Nov 2013.

Simon has given Callers Club a very strong base on which to build. Under his direction caller training has evolved into a positive and sustainable package to be used to help new callers. His support for squares and rounds has been exemplary and despite the difficult years of the pandemic he continued to encourage others to be positive and engaging.

Trudy Fielding


Vice President 2011 - 2021


Trudy has been calling since 1996 and calls for clubs in the Home Counties area.  She calls Mainstream through A2 on a regular basis. She was a joint recipient of the Harry Preston award in 1998, with Simon and is recognised as one of the UK's leading female callers, working the Saturday circuit and calling regular Hoedowns.

She held the position of Joint Chairman of GSI UK (with husband Simon) from 2009 to 2017, having been involved since its inception in 2004, appearing as the support calling staff for the GSI Festival 2007, 2009 and 2014 events.  She has also been a featured caller in The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Trudy was also part of the organising team for the Joint 60th Anniversary Celebrations (BAASDC and SDCCGB) in November 2013.

Trudy provided callers club with a vast professional knowledge and regularly contributed her exceptional organisational skills. From the start of her calling career she has helped champion the role of women as square dance callers and has become the perfect role model.  

Al Green


President 2002 - 2006, Vice President 2001

Colin Haines


Treasurer 2004 - 2014


Started dancing with the Rustlers SDC in 1994.  In approximately 1999 he started to do the odd singing call on club nights.  Gradually over the next few years became more involved until in 2006 Colin started to share club nights with Bert Spinney, the Rustlers club caller.

He was the temporary Treasurer for a good many years.

Paul Hart


Ordinary Member 2013 - 2014

Teresa Hart


Cuer's Rep 2017, 2010 - 2014


I started dancing quite by accident at the tender age of 5 when I was dragged into a demo’ square to make up numbers during “Expo Steam” in Peterborough. I subsequently learned to do it properly at Shirts and Skirts in Ipswich, dancing with my parents.

When an American couple (Jim & Ruth Price) were stationed at Bentwaters I took the opportunity to learn to Round Dance with my parents and my younger sister and we graduated as a family in 1979. About this time I met Paul and he learned to square dance with Suffolk Promenaders while I carried on with Rounds and gradually began cueing the odd record on club nights (usually “New York, New York”). Some time later Paul learned to Round Dance under the teaching of Jan Farnell and he graduated as well. Out of the blue in 1984 I was approached by Buttons & Bows SDC and asked to teach their club to Round Dance. Using hastily sourced second-hand equipment and with a limited repertoire Red Rose RDC was formed and we began teaching to a class in excess of 20 couples in Kentford near Newmarket.

To help me with my cueing I joined the Callers Club of Great Britain. I assisted with the introduction of a “Cuer’s Section” and became the first Cuer’s Representative. I also established the British Cuer and Teacher Accreditation scheme with help from Susie & Gert-Jan Rothscheid (Cuer’s Rep for ECTA).

Over the years I have had the honour of cueing at Festivals, Conventions, Jamborees and dance “Specials” throughout the U.K. and Europe, in particular at European Conventions in the U.K. and Germany.

Nowadays Paul and I try to dance as often as possible although a full diary of 

cueing bookings makes this difficult at times.

Sandra Higson


Cuers Rep 2001 - 2009

Lynn Holloway


Vice President 2010

Lynn began calling in 1982 running his own club from 1986. Called regularly up to A2 at clubs and conventions he had also recorded his own square dance records.

Keith Lovegrove


President 2010, Vice President 2006 - 2009


Keith regularly called up to level A at club and weekends, while also having the opportunity to call at conventions in North America. With over 45 years of calling experience he served as the Vice President for four years before taking on the presidency. 

John Mee


PRO 2002 - 2004

Barry Potter


Vice President 2002 - 2004, Ordinary Member 2001


Cuer's Rep 2022, Presently Chair of RDC (Formerly Vice Chair and Treasurer of RDC)


Judi began Square Dancing with Wandering Stars when she finished University, and became involved with Rounds initially at Intro sessions with Alan & Joyce Sherriffs during the Funstitute holidays. 

She was encouraged to try cueing at the Outlaws and Sweeping Broomes SD clubs, and following interest from local dancers formed the Scarlet Ribbons RDC in 1991.

Following the formation of the Cuers section in Callers Club she had access to the resources needed to improve her dancing, cueing and teaching.

In 1995 she attended the Goss seminar in Germany, with a number of other Cuers; and was accredited as a Cuer and Teacher, receiving the Harry Preston award. 

Since then she has worked to increase the depth and breadth of her skills, while trying to give back to the activity by mentoring and helping to train less experienced Cuers. She enjoys choreography, cueing & teaching as well as attending dance events around Europe.

In 2020 she and her partner Michael were honoured with induction into the RDC Hall of Fame. During the pandemic, with a lot of help from friends, she set up a Round Dance online learning website which allows non dancers and beginners the opportunity to try Rounds in their own homes.

Pete Skiffins


President 1990 - 2001, Training Director 1978 - 2002

Granville Spencer


PRO 2012 - 2014


Granville was recently co-opted onto the council in the position of Public Relations Officer.  Granville and his wife Wendy learnt to square dance in Harrogate, graduated in 2000 and eventually danced through to C2. However, they now live in Surrey and only dance up to A2 at local and weekend dances.

Granville started calling Mainstream for Tudor Squares in late 2009 having attended caller schools in both 2008 and 2009. In addition, he now calls for a U3A group in Hemel Hempstead and for his own club, Hogsmill Squares, which holds it’s club night on a Tuesday and a beginner’s night on a Monday, plus numerous dances, hoedowns and parties each year.

He calls regularly the CALLERLAB Basic, Mainstream and Plus programmes and believes new dancers to be the lifeblood of square dancing – in just over a year his own club attracted over 50 new regular dancers. As PRO he will be using every opportunity to advertise the presence of square and round dancing in this country and also, more importantly, the need to recruit, train and nurture new callers and cuers.

Bert Spinney


Secretary 2005 - 2006, Editor 2000 - 2001

Roy Stretton


Vice President 2005

Dennis Thompson


PRO 2005 - 2009

Dug Wright


Treasurer 2001 - 2003