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Special Notice to Callers, Cuers and Club Leaders
While we are all very keen to restart dancing and despite the Prime Minister saying community centres can reopen the current restrictions do not allow clubs to dance inside. It may also be tempting to dance in outside spaces but these are not sanctioned by either organisation or covered for insurance purposes.  They can only be considered as private social events.

A set of guidelines for reopening are being prepared jointly for publication as the present restrictions are relaxed.

Please be patient for a little while longer.

Stay Safe!
SDCCGB Council

We are the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain founded in 1954.

We are active club callers, traveling callers and dance leaders who share an interest in preserving and promoting the best of square dancing.  There are currently over 150 members. representing a majority of the Square and Round Dance callers/cuers and club leaders in Great Britain.

The organization maintains a library of information for callers and dance leaders to share in order to assist them to be able to instruct, promote and maintain the square dance activity in Great Britain.

It also provides it's membership with the opportunity to purchase liability insurance and pre-negotiated PPL licenses at reasonable costs and publishes a newsletter, "News And Views" six times a year for its members to share ideas and information.

The SDCCGB exists to improve square dancing in Great Britain.  We intend to recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity.  As an organization of square dance callers, round dance cuers and dance leaders, it is our mission to provide education and guidance to the leaders of our activity.

All Correspondence for the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain should be addressed to:  
Mrs. Susie Kelly, SDCCGB Secretary,
2 Crossbridge Cottages, Thornborough Road,
Thornton Milton Keynes MK17 0HE