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Recruiting Dancers

We will publish ideas and articles on Recruiting Dancers and positive results... what worked for you or someone you know.

The first ideas are some intended to raise the profile of Square and Round Dancing here in Great Britain.In conjunction with the FFT, Kevin Lovell has furnished some simple handouts to pass along to dancers who have participated in a hoedown and who would like more information on the activity.  He has also furnished some handouts for people who have heard of or seen a demonstration of Square Dancing or Round Dancing and are interested in finding out more about the activity.  These handouts can be downloaded from here by clicking on the hyperlink for Square Dancing, Round Dancing or Tried it?  

Each of these .pdf files contain four identical pages and if you download them and print them out using the Adobe Reader Print menu, under the print menu, under 'Page Size and Handling' select 'Multiple' and click on 'Custom' and select '4' to give you four nice A6-sized handouts per page. Then Select Print and you should be golden. Print as many as you may need and pass them along to dancers, interested on-lookers, friends, neighbors etc.  Don't forget to put your name and address, Email or telephone number on them so that they can contact you if they have any questions.