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AGM Provisional Programme

posted 7 Dec 2016, 02:31 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 7 Dec 2016, 09:21 ]

Saturday 4th March 2017
10.30   Arrival & Set Up
11.00   Professional Voice Coach Edward Price - "Getting the best from your Voice"
12.00   Break
12.15   Squares - "Intentional Asymmetrics".  Rounds - Writing New Choreography pt 1
13.00   Lunch
13.30   AGM
14.30   Break
14.45   Squares - Paul Bristow - "Overlooking the Basics".  Rounds - New Choreography pt 2
15.30   Break
15.45   Paul Preston - "Atmosphere, where does it come from, where does it go?"
16.30   Susie & Matt - "Square peg in a Round hole", round dancing with square dance moves.
17.15   Set up for dance
17.30   Open Mic time
18.30   Dinner
19.30   Evening Dance
22.30   Close

Training is coming!

posted 12 Jun 2016, 14:22 by Gene Turner   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 00:36 by Stephen Pearson ]

The webmaster is in the process of building a training web page for the SDCCGB web site and would like your input on what you feel would be useful information to have on the training web page.  This is your opportunity to suggest subjects for training, not only to be added to our website but conceivably to be added as subjects of upcoming Callers Club training days.

Speaking of training days, we are planning on a Caller's Training Day for the 19th of November 2016 to be held at St. Joseph's in the park school at Hertingfordbury (Where the most recent AGM days have been held).  The training day is intended to be be for a select audience of relatively new callers.Details will be released very soon in the newsletter (News and Views).  If you think that you might be interested in attending contact: Susie Kelly or Simon or Trudy Fielding (Tel. (01582) 494190) for more details and to register your interest in attending.

Wanted - Unwanted Equipment

posted 14 Apr 2016, 12:26 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 18 Apr 2016, 01:35 ]

Do you still have a record deck that you no longer need, but have not got around to getting rid of it?

Why not donate it to help a New Caller get started?

Contact Simon Fielding 01582 494190 or Susie at susie@graybo.co.uk

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