Cliff Anderton - Membership Officer

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Cliff graduated as a Mainstream dancer in 1984 and has spent the years since wishing that he had discovered the activity much sooner. Within little more than a year he was dancing Plus and performing the occasional singing call as a guest at local clubs. He continued to learn dancing through the A1 and A2 Programs and to develop his calling to the point where he became confident enough to call club nights, teach new dancers and eventually call Saturday night dances.

 Cliff was the founder caller for Humberside Steppers, a club over 30 years old, and has been on the calling roster for several other clubs in Yorkshire and further afield. His principal calling commitments these days are as calling partner at Harmony Squares along with Gene Turner and as caller for White Rose Squares, helping students and more experienced dancers to enjoy the Basic, Mainstream and Plus programs. Cliff and Gene are ably supported at Harmony Squares by Jackie and Sandra (who actually run the club, though they let the guys think it is them). Cliff and Gene made their first tentative steps as recording artistes a few years ago (though Cliff is slightly ahead, having made 1/7th of a record while Gene wasn’t looking as he was away in Australia).

 A member of the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain (SDCCGB), Cliff was elected to its Council, served a year as PRO and is currently its Membership Officer. He is also a member of the Northern Area Regional Callers Assembly, currently on its committee as Treasurer and has been involved with the Committee of Grand Square – United Kingdom for many years. All of these positions are part of Cliff’s attempts to give back to Square Dancing some of the fun he has derived from it and he tries to encourage, mentor and train other callers in the hope that they will experience some of that same enjoymen

 Cliff has called in Germany, the USA and Guernsey as well as in many                               areas of the mainland UK and was a caller at the 50th and 60th                                 Anniversaries of the British Association of American Square Dance                                     Clubs (BAASDC) and SDCCGB, as well as being a staff                                                                   caller at Grand Square – UK Festivals in 2007, 2009,                                                                      and 2014.

Credits: Public Relations Officer 2015,                                                                                          Membership Officer since 2016

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 Cliff Anderton Since 2016
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