Simon Fielding - President

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Simon has been calling since 1996 and currently calls for four clubs in the Home Counties area.  He calls Mainstream through A2 on a regular basis and called C1 until 2016.  He is a regular on the Saturday Night circuit together with his wife Trudy, as well as still frequently calling Hoedowns.  He was a joint recipient of the Harry Preston award in 1998, with his wife Trudy.

He was on the GSI UK Committee since its inception in 2004, holding the position of Joint Chairman of GSI UK alongside Trudy, from 2009 to 2017.  Simon has been part of the support calling staff for the 2007, 2009 and 2014 GSI UK Festival events and has also been a featured caller in The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

He was also part of the organising team for the Joint 60th Anniversary Celebrations (BAASDC and SDCCGB) in Nov 2013.

Simon hopes to continue the fine tradition set by his predecessors and hopes to hear from many of you with suggestions of what you would like the Club to do for you, or even better, what you can offer our Callers Club Members.

Post Holders

 Simon Fielding Since 2011
 Keith Lovegrave 2010
 Walt Burr 2007 - 2009
 Al Green 2002 - 2006
 Pete Skiffins 2001