Past Council Members

Mathew Baldry

Ordinary Member 2010 - 2012
Cuer's Rep 2015 - 2016
Matt started Rounds after a trip to Austalia in 2006.  While learning he also began Square Dancing and with his wife and parents set up Whirl & Twirl round Dance Club.  Matt learned to cue/teach under the mentoring
of Teresa Hart, with additional help from the GSI Cuer &
SDCCGB Cuer Schools, which featured Martin Prufer.

After moving on from Whirl & Twirl in 2016 
Matt set up a new club near Sheffield called 
Matt's Twirlin' 2 Steppers.

Matt also cues at Saturday night dances/weekends and in 2012         cued at the Spring Jamboree in Munich after gaining his ECTA Cuer's Accreditation. 

Ken Brown
Ordinary Member 2003 - 2004

Walt Burr

President 2007 - 2009

Al Green

Vice President 2001
President 2002 - 2006

Colin Haines

Treasurer 2004 - 2014
Started dancing with the Rustlers SDC in 1994.  In approximately 1999 he started to do the odd singing call on club nights.  Gradually over the next few years became more involved until in 2006 Colin started to share club nights with Bert Spinney, the Rustlers club caller.

He was the temporary Treasurer for a good many years.

Paul Hart

Ordinary Member 2013 - 2014

Sandra Higson
Cuers Rep 2001 - 2009

Lynn Holloway

Vice President 2010

Keith Lovegrove

Vice President 2006 - 2009, President 2010

John Mee

PRO 2002 - 2004

Barry Potter

Ordinary Member 2001
Vice President 2002 - 2004

Pete Skiffins

President 1990 - 2001
Training Director 1978 - 2002

Granville Spencer

PRO 2012 - 2014

Granville was recently co-opted onto the council in the position of Public Relations Officer.  Granville and his wife Wendy learnt to square dance in Harrogate, graduated in 2000 and eventually danced through to C2. However, they now live in Surrey and only dance up to A2 at local and weekend dances.

Granville started calling Mainstream for Tudor Squares in late 2009 having attended caller schools in both 2008 and 2009. In addition, he now calls for a U3A group in Hemel Hempstead and for his own club, Hogsmill Squares, which holds it’s club night on a Tuesday and a beginner’s night on a Monday, plus numerous dances, hoedowns and parties each year.

He calls regularly the CALLERLAB Basic, Mainstream and Plus programmes and believes new dancers to be the lifeblood of square dancing – in just over a year his own club attracted over 50 new regular dancers. As PRO he will be using every opportunity to advertise the presence of square and round dancing in this country and also, more importantly, the need to recruit, train and nurture new callers and cuers.

Bert Spinney

Editor 2000 - 2001
Secretary 2005 - 2006

Roy Stretton

Vice President 2005

Dennis Thompson

PRO 2005 - 2009

Dug Wright

Treasurer 2001 - 2003