Simon Kelly - Librarian, 'News And Views' Editor and Archivist

Simon started his dancing career in 1967. He was working at a Model Railway Shop near King's Cross where he became friends with an American Service Man from Alconbury.  He was invited to attend a club night at Riverside Ranchers in Pimlico, called by Viv Canon.  Simon was immediately hooked and very soon his interest was noted by Viv who invited him to attend a Callers Meeting.   Soon Simon was doing guest tips at various clubs and became famous for carrying all his calling equipment on his Bike. In the early ‘70s, he helped Alan Bedford run the Progressive Squares, decoding Lee Kopman challenge tapes with aid of Burleson. Subsequently, he danced with the Concord and Swingwing workshops with Pete Newberry and then Ralph McCarthy.
He served as Membership Officer from 1970 until 1975.

Simon was living in London until 1980 when he moved to Milton Keynes for his work.  Here he started New City Squares in 1986.

He met Susie in 1989 and served as Membership Officer again from 1991 until 2003 all the while giving technical support and training to the Secretary.

He shared the job of Librarian and in 2003 became Official Archivist for the Square Dance Movement in the UK.  In addition to these jobs he edits, prints, collates and distributes paper copies of News and Views. 

Simon retired in 2005 and Calls at all five clubs they run together as well as the workshops and Caller Practice Sessions.

Credits: Membership Officer 2001, Librarian 2002 - 2005, Librarian and Archivist since 2006

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Post Holders

In 2006 the duty of Archivist was added to the Librarians Post.

 Simon Kelly since 2008
 Simon & Susie Kelly 2002 - 2007

 Bert Spinney 2000 - 2001