Caller and Cuer School

The S.D.C.C.G.B. announces the Caller/Cuer School for 2011 now scheduled for Monday 18 July 2011 through Thursday 21 July 2011.  Featuring two of the world's top callers, JERRY STORY PAUL BRISTOW, both of whom are CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches.

The School offers the Complete Callerlab Curriculum, with an in-depth emphasis on Choreographic Mechanics. Methods of Calling, Use of Music, Timing, Presentation Techniques, Sight and Modular Calling, Programming Skills; with the main emphasis on Mike-Time. The School combines expert classroom presentations tailored for you by the Staff and at your level of experience with plenty of Mike-Time for each Student

This will take place at the THE FESTIVAL HALL, MERRYOAK ROAD, MERRYOAK, SOUTHAMPTON, SO19 7QR in the United Kingdom (Maps and accommodation information will be provided with booking confirmation).

The Course Fee₤90 (for S.D.C.C.G.B. Members) ₤180 (Non-members, ask about membership rates) 
To reserve your place Download the booking form by clicking on the attachment below.
Gene Turner,
12 Nov 2010, 10:17