He continued to pursue his plan to become a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach and to implement this aim he organised two schools with Al Stevens, already coaching in Germany, and these were held in hotels in Datchet in 2001 and at Alton in 2002.   

Sadly Pete never got to be an Accredited Caller Coach due to family commitments and health problems so we can only guess at the loss that has been to our organisation.

Pete retired from Waggoners in 2006 leaving the club in the capable hands of Trudy and Simon.  Having recovered his strength Pete is now happily engaged in Calling Square dance Parties 2 or three times most weekends  thereby continuing to introduce the public to the fun to be had from our favourite activity.

I'm sure I've not mentioned half of the things he made happen during his years in office but having worked on the Council with Pete all those years I can honestly say that no one better deserves our respect for his commitment to excellence.

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